Energy, Transportation and Utilities Success Stories

Success Stories

Custom PoE Injector Powers Explosion-Proof CCTV Camera
Eaton MEDC Ltd. recently used a modified version of Contemporary Controls' Skorpion PoE Mid-Span Injector to provide a compact power source in their CCTV camera housings.

BAScontrol20 Proves Vital for Higher-Education SCADA Simulator
Contemporary Controls prides ourselves not only on the quality of our products but also in our commitment to teach those interested in industrial and building automation. One of the latest examples of this commitment can be seen at Walla Walla Community College were a BAScontrol20 BACnet/IP Sedona controller was instrumental in constructing a SCADA simulator for students.

Managed Ethernet Switches Ensure Reliable Communications for a Wind Farm in Inner Mongolia
Over 200 EISX managed switches were used on a wind farm in Inner Mongolia to facilitate communication between Goldwind turbines and a central control room. Experts expect China's total installed capacity for wind power generation to reach 20 GW by the end of 2010, with Inner Mongolia supplying approximately 40% of that capacity.

Managed Switch Used with EtherNet/IP Controller in Automated Material Handling System
When a major commuter railroad looked to modernize its 20-year-old automated material handling system in one of its maintenance facilities, the System Integrator (SI) chose an industrial-grade, Ethernet managed fiber optic switch from Contemporary Controls of Downers Grove, Illinois to connect the control equipment to the network.

Industrial-Grade Ethernet Hub Used Provides Necessary Reliability for Water Treatment Facility
The Joe Mullins Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant in Melbourne, Florida, processes water drawn from three Floridian Aquifer System wells, close to 850 feet underground. The Reverse Osmosis membrane system removes salts, metals, and minerals from the water and produces up to 6.5 million gallons of safe, drinkable water per day.