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CTRLink EIGR Series


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Product Overview

  • Quick and accurate provisioning on Verizon
  • Multiple data plan options
  • Fixed Data options for fixed monthly data costs available
  • Continuous data options for a fixed overage fee per GB available
  • Static IP with one-time charge available per device
  • Pre-Installed SIM

Product Details

Contemporary Controls can activate and provision its Cellular LTE devices on the Verizon network. This offers quick and easy commissioning of the devices on the jobsite. Let us activate the device for you to avoid having the router provisioned incorrectly when activated through other sources. The EIGR-C3 only transmits data and needs to be provisioned on the "data only" plans which are different than a phone commissioning. By utilizing our commissioning service, customers can be confident that the device will work and not waste their time trying to resolve activation issues.

The devices come pre-installed with a SIM – a replacement SIM is available if the original is lost or misplaced.

The customer can choose from data plans offering 1GB, 3GB or 5GB of monthly data. Depending on the application requirement, a plan that allows data overage (with overage charges) or a plan that prevents overages by shutting down data after reaching a monthly data limit can be selected. In the case of no overage charge, data is resumed automatically at the start of next monthly billing cycle. Static IP options are also available if required.

Ordering Information

The IMEI is printed on the label on the side of the router
The 19-digit ICCID is printed on the label on the side of the router

Verizon Plan (Select One) Description Cost
Cellular Data Plan 1GB Monthly Verizon $25 per month
Cellular Data Plan 3GB Monthly Verizon $65 per month
Cellular Data Plan 5GB Monthly Verizon $95 per month
Optional Add-Ons Description Cost
Cellular Data Plan Overage Charge Per GB Verizon $20
Cellular Data Plan Static IP Verizon (one-time charge) $50

When you place your order, you will be taken to the shopping cart to approve a $5 preauthorization charge. This is not an additional fee. The cost of data service for remainder of the current billing cycle plus your chosen options above (minus $5 preauthorization charge) will be charged separately to your credit card. Starting next billing cycle, the monthly recurring service costs for your selected data plan (plus any overages if selected as an option) will be charged to you automatically each month as agreed.