Commercial Automation Success Stories

Success Stories

BAS Switch Used With Semiconductor Wafer Processing
The semiconductor industry is constantly looking for ways to increase production yields and Loomis Industries in St. Helena, CA, is leading the way with its new LSD-150 Scribe Dicing Machines that use Contemporary Controls' compact Ethernet switches.

BAS Switch Fits the Needs of Medical Imaging System
Physicians in many hospitals and cancer treatment centers use the TomoTherapy Hi-Art System® that is designed and manufactured by TomoTherapy Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin. Engineers at TomoTherapy use Ethernet as the control and communications network for the system.

ARCNET-Ethernet Integration in Multi-Building Access Control System
American Auto-Matrix (AAM) of Export, PA, develops and manufactures a complete family of microprocessor-based, applied networkable controllers. AAM products are used in a broad range of applications including facilities management, building automation, temperature control; direct digital control (DDC), process control, integrated fire, access control, and life safety management.

ARCNET Provides Panasonic With Effective Network for Quick Service Restaurants
When operating a quick-service restaurant, the manager focuses on many objectives, but one in particular is maximizing productivity. He does so by retrieving point of sale (POS) information daily, giving him the data he needs to make the right decisions for a successful business. That means purpose-built, reliable systems are a must so the manager can run his restaurant, instead of his computer system.