NiagaraAX Framework® Manage and Control Diverse Systems

Niagara Framework

The NiagaraAX Framework® is a software platform you can use to manage and control diverse systems and devices-regardless of manufacturer or protocol.

Use it either locally or over the Internet with a standard web browser. For managing a smart building, Niagara provides all you need-visualization, integration, control and archiving of data. Niagara has worldwide appeal with 400,000 instances-including those from all major controls OEMs-for applications as diverse as airports, campuses, hospitals, schools and homes.

Contemporary Controls utilizes The NiagaraAX Framework in its BASautomation product line because of the wealth of integration options and its flexible control hierarchy. The BASrouters offload Niagara JACEs from low-level handling of MS/TP traffic thereby improving the performance of the Niagara JACEs. The BASgatewayLX does the same by mapping Modbus device profiles from Contemporary Controls device library to BACnet virtual devices. Our freely-programmable Sedona BAScontrollers can be programmed using The NiagaraAX Framework.

Authorized Systems Integrator Program

As a licensee of Niagara Framework®, Contemporary Controls has created an Authorized Systems Integrator Program to recruit systems integrators that will purchase, install and commission building automation systems for end users. Contemporary Controls will provide access to NiagaraAX certification, equipment and technical support.

This is an opportunity for traditional electrical and mechanical contractors to gain access to one of the most popular building automation technologies allowing them to bid on the controls portion of a project.

As part of its BASautomation® product line, Contemporary Controls has developed a Scalable Building Strategy that incorporates Niagara Framework® in a modern device-to-the Internet solution.

To learn more, view the Authorized Systems Integrator Program brochure (PDF) for either the Americas or the EMEA, or contact Contemporary Controls.

Relevant Resources

 Installing the Workbench Tool (2:52)
For members of the Contemporary Controls Authorized Systems Integrators Program, this video demonstrates how to download and license a Niagara Workbench tool. The tool-which is known by many names-is necessary for programming Niagara Framework® and Sedona Framework™ controllers.

Americas Authorized Systems Integrator Program

EMEA Authorized Systems Integrator Program (English)

EMEA Authorized Systems Integrator Program (German)