Industrial Automation Success Stories

Success Stories

Diagnostic Switches Simplify Testing
Replacing a regular switch with our diagnostic switch helped speed up the testing process because it eliminated the need to cycle power. The diagnostic switch retains ALL the features of an unmanaged switch such as auto-negotiation and auto-MDIX except for one significant feature—it does not learn.

Ethernet Switches Used With Rockell's EtherNet/IP for Whiteware Manufacturer
One of Contemporary Controls distributors, Mantis Systems Ltd in New Zealand, supplied the Ethernet switches to Scott Technology to be used in the form line of a machine for a whiteware manufacturer. John Kilkelly, Senior Controls Engineer of Scott Technology said the form line decoils the sheet metal from a coil and takes the metal sheets and forms, bends, presses and welds the metal into a component for a whiteware product.

ARCNET Server Links Dukane's Ultrasonic Plastic Welders to Ethernet Backbone
Since 1970, Dukane Corporation in St. Charles, Illinois, has been a global manufacturer and distributor of ultrasonic plastic welding systems. One of their current products, known as the Dynamic Process Controller™ (DPC), previously offered a graphic user interface via an MMI (Man-Machine Interface) using the ARCNET communication protocol.

Ethernet Miniature Repeating Hub Connects Omron's LCD Interactive Touchscreen Displays
Omron Electronics LLC of Schaumburg, Ill., is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced industrial automation electronics and control system components. In order for Omron engineers and sales personnel to become more proficient in product-related information, regional training classes are held monthly throughout the United States.

Vibration Monitoring System Relies Upon Skorpion Switch for Ethernet Communication
Vibration monitoring systems detect problematic machinery conditions such as bearing wear or damage, machine unbalance, misalignment and other typical machine faults. Vibration monitoring can also be used to enhance product quality and production output. SKF, is valued as a global supplier of hardware and software used for vibration monitoring on rotating machinery.