AHR 2023 BACnet/SC Router

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Enhance the Security of Your BACnet System

The BASrouterSC is a BACnet/SC router that also supports BACnet/SC communicating to MS/TP, BACnet/Ethernet and BACnet/IP devices. It can be used to improve the security within a BACnet system by utilizing BACnet/SC at the Ethernet level and allowing MS/TP at the device level. The BASrouterSC can take a BACnet/IP-only device to the BACnet/SC network. The BASrouterSC also supports BACnet/Ethernet communications.

  • Simple to use BACnet/SC router
  • Can provide full BACnet/SC infrastructure for smaller systems
  • Built-in Certificate Authority
  • Built-in BACnet/SC Hub
  • Dual Ethernet ports to allow one port for non-SC communications
  • Supports MS/TP, BACnet/IP and BACnet/Ethernet (ISO 8802-3) routing
  • BACnet/IP to BACnet/SC routing
  • BACnet/SC to MS/TP communications

Diagram of BACnet router SC

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