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BASrouterSC New Product & Technology Presentation

For those of you attending AHR Expo, be sure to attend our Director of R&D, Bennet Levine's presentation titled "New BACnet/SC Router from Contemporary Controls" on Tuesday, February 7. Bennet will introduce our new BACnet/SC router, the BASrouterSC, that provides easy to configure routing between BACnet/SC networks, BACnet/IP networks, and dual MS/TP networks. He'll explain how it is derived from our previous BACnet routers and how it can be used to provide more security to your BACnet system.

The BASrouterSC adds BACnet/SC to existing BACnet networks without the need for additional BACnet/SC equipment. For example, in a BACnet/SC system devices need to act as BACnet/SC hubs. BACnet/SC devices also require certificates which must be signed by a certificate authority (CA). The BASrouterSC can act as the hub and CA for smaller BACnet/SC networks. It can also be part of a larger BACnet/SC network and utilize certificates from other CAs and communicate to other BACnet/SC hubs.

The BASrouterSC retains the BACnet routing functionality found on our other BACnet routers, such as support for BACnet/IP, MS/TP, and BACnet Ethernet (ISO 8802-3) networks. It has two MS/TP ports and can bring these networks to BACnet/SC systems.

As BACnet networks may be a mix of BACnet/IP and BACnet/SC, the BASrouterSC provides two Ethernet ports, one for the BACnet/IP network and one for the BACnet/SC network. Thus, the Ethernet infrastructure supports secure BACnet/SC communications while connecting to one or more isolated BACnet/IP devices.

It is easy to configure using a standard web browser with Help text to guide you through the process. The BASrouterSC has webpages to help diagnose system issues and can capture BACnet communications to be analyzed by applications, such as Wireshark.

For more information, attend New BACnet/SC Router from Contemporary Controls on Tuesday, 2/7/2023 at 3:45 PM in Theater B.

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