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BASrouter and BASview2 Eliminate Headaches for Office Building

The BASrouter stand-alone router and BASview2 graphical interface were chosen as part of the upgrade from pneumatics to Direct Digital Control (DDC) for the air handler system at a multi-story office building in Santa Rosa, California. The pneumatic system was just not up to the task of providing comfortable temperatures in all areas of the building leading to complaints from the building tenants.

One BASrouter per floor handles the BACnet MS/TP thermostat for each zone on the floor. All the routers are interconnected using Ethernet and communicate via BACnet/IP to the top-floor building controller which handles the chiller, boiler, and building air balance.

Digital access to 122 temperature zones was now available. The addition of a BASview2 building supervisor to the network allowed a visual display of each zone temperature value (including trending). Remotely accessible dashboards showing the combined zone temperature for each floor as well as the profile of the whole building were created, with email notifications for alarm conditions using the BASview2's built-in HTML5 web interface. Management can now view temperatures at any time, using a mobile phone or PC. Sample screens are shown below (click to learn more about each screen):

Optimizing the HVAC controls for more precise chiller/boiler operation and air handling reduced tenant complaints to near zero and energy usage for heating/cooling dropped by approximately 30% once the new system was implemented.

Visit the BASrouter product page and the BASview product page to learn more.


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