Skorpion Switch Series for cost-effective general purpose applications

CTRLink EISK Series


Product Overview

  • Compact Size
  • 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/100BASE-FX compliant
  • 1000BASE-T (GT models)
  • Auto-MDIX on all copper ports
  • Auto-negotiated data rate, duplex and flow control on twisted-pair ports
  • DIN-rail mountable
  • Full or half-duplex
  • Activity/link and data rate LEDs
  • Industrial environment EMC
  • CE Mark
  • UL 508 Listed, C-UL Listed Industrial Control Equipment
  • 10-36 VDC or 24 VAC (± 10%) 47-63 Hz Power is provided through a quick-disconnect terminal strip.

Product Details

For control panels where DIN-rail space is at a premium, the Skorpion series of plug-and-play (unmanaged) Ethernet switches with widths as little as one inch (26 mm) is the answer.

Housed in a rugged metal enclosure with a metal DIN-rail clip, the Skorpion series includes models with 5, 8 and 16 ports. Some models provide one or two ports of either single-mode or multimode fiber optics with either SC or ST connectors.

No configuration is necessary. All copper ports automatically configure their data rate and duplex using the auto-negotiation protocol. Depending on the capability of the link partner, communications is established at either 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps, and in the case of the GT models at 1000 Mbps, and at either half- or full-duplex. Each port will adapt to either a straight-through or crossover cable by using the Auto-MDIX protocol.

Fiber ports are fixed at 100 Mbps full-duplex for the highest performance. Multimode cable lengths cannot exceed 2 km and single-mode lengths cannot exceed 15 km without a special order. fiber optics is ideal for inter-building cabling in a campus environment.

All Skorpion models have half-wave rectified low-voltage power supply allows for the sharing of power with other 24 VAC/VDC control devices. LED indicators of data rate and activity assist in troubleshooting. For control panels of nominal depth, the Skorpion series offers the widest range of Ethernet connectivity solutions.

All Skorpion models meet regulatory approvals including UL 508 Listed, c-UL Listed, CSA 22.2 No. 14-M91, CE Mark and RoHS compliance.

Ordering Information

Copper Models Only

Model Description                  
EISK5-GT Skorpion 5-Port GigE Switch $168
EISK5-100T Skorpion 5-Port 10/100Mbps Switch $112
EISK8-GT Skorpion 8-Port GigE Switch $225
EISK8-100T Skorpion 8-Port 10/100Mbps Switch $168
EISK16-100T Skorpion 16-Port 10/100Mbps Switch $321

Fiber Plus Copper Models

Model Description                  
EISK5-100T/FC Skorpion 4-Port 10/100Mbps 1-Port MM SC-fiber Switch $225
EISK5-100T/FT Skorpion 4-Port 10/100Mbps 1-Port MM ST-fiber Switch $225
EISK5-100T/FCS Skorpion 4-Port 10/100Mbps 1-Port SM SC-fiber Switch $281
EISK5-100T/FTS Skorpion 4-Port 10/100Mbps 1-Port SM ST-fiber Switch $282 Contact Us
EISK8-100T/FC Skorpion 6-Port 10/100Mbps 2-Port MM SC-fiber Switch $394
EISK8-100T/FT Skorpion 6-Port 10/100Mbps 2-Port MM ST-fiber Switch $394
EISK8-100T/FCS Skorpion 6-Port 10/100Mbps 2-Port SM SC-fiber Switch $507
EISK8-100T/FTS Skorpion 6-Port 10/100Mbps 2-Port SM ST-fiber Switch $507 Contact Us


Model Description                  
AI-XFMR Wall-mount plug-in transformer 120 VAC (nom) input/24 VAC (nom) output (details...) $39
AI-XFMR-E Wall-mount plug-in transformer 230 VAC (nom) input/24 VAC (nom) output (details...) $55
KIT-4POS-POWER 4 Position 24 VAC/VDC Power Terminal Block qty. 6 $18
MDR-20-24 24VDC 20W DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLY (details...) $40
MDR-40-24 24VDC 40W DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLY (details...) $50
SDR-75-24 24VDC 75W DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLY (details...) $90