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BASpi – Control Without Restrictions

The BASpi I/O boards are 12-point BAS expansion boards (HATs) for Raspberry Pi. The I/O board, plus the firmware files provided by Contemporary Controls turn your Raspberry Pi into a BACnet-networked, Sedona-programmable controller with 6 Universal Inputs and a choice of 6 Relay Outputs or 4 Relay and 2 Analog Outputs depending on model.

All 12 physical I/O points, in addition to 24 Virtual Points are served up over BACnet/IP using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. BASpi is web page configurable over Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. The Sedona Application Editor (SAE) is offered as part of the free BAScontrol Toolset. This programming tool is used to create control applications by linking graphical components on a wire sheet. In addition to SAE, BASemulator gives you BASpi software emulation for PC and BASbackup allows you to backup and restore your entire BASpi project to a zip file.

The BASpi I/O board is available stand-alone, as well as a complete system — the BASpi-SYS (only available with 6U6R board), which is packaged with RaspberryPi 3 board + BASpi I/O 6U6R board for immediate control right out of the box.

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BASpi Controller

Coming Soon: BACnet Edge Controller with Azure IoT Central

The BASpi Edge Controller is BACnet/IP (B-ASC) compliant with a built-in Azure IoT Central connector providing an easy interface to a cloud-based dashboard and supervision.

  • 6 Universal Inputs, 6 Binary Outputs or 4 Binary and 2 Analog Outputs
  • Web page configurable, Sedona programmable, BACnet networked
  • Convenient installation – 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 24 VAC/VDC power, DIN-rail mounted enclosure, realtime clock
  • 12 physical points and 24 virtual points
  • Free programming tools