Sedona Project Backup and Restore Utility

Sedona Framework

BASbackup-our Sedona Project Backup and Restore utility-has been updated to simplify the backup and restore operations of BAScontrol Series controllers. Usually Workbench is used to save Sedona application files but with BASbackup saving and restoring can now be accomplished without the need of Workbench. All BAScontrol20 configuration files-not just Sedona application files-can now be saved in one simple zip file for easy project retention and recovery.

BASbackup is a Java program that can run on Linux and Windows computers. For convenience, BASbackup includes the current version of the BAScontrol Series Component Bundle. A later Component Bundle can replace any installed Component Bundle in the BASbackup directory. For details on using and installing BASbackup, refer to BASbackup Instruction Sheet or video.

ZIP IconFree Download: BASbackup Utility 1.0.21 for BAScontrol versions 3.0.28 or greater.